We believe in sharing knowledge and expanding the horizon of today’s medical abilities to help our patients. Our clinical research team consists of compassionate board certified physicians, nurses, research coordinators, and medical assistants who ensure that every participant is well cared for. Our proven methods, well-trained staff and board certified investigators allow us to provide timely accurate results. *Staff CVs and Trainings can be sent upon request.

Educational Programs/Qualifications

1.  Human Participants Protections Education for Research

2. Good Clinical Practice Guidelines

3. FDA Guidelines



6. A/E Reporting

7. Data Handling Guidelines

8. PFT



11. IVRS (Clinphone, Almac, UBC, Cenduit, others)

12. EDC ( Software training Inform Intralink, Medidata RAVE, Perceptive Datalabs etc...)

Sweet Hope Research Specialty, Inc. has experience in internal medicine, infectious diseases, endocrinology & metabolism, cardiology, among others. Specialized in phase II through IV studies including but not limited to:

13. Anemia

14. Asthma

15. Acne

16. Alzheimer’s

17. Arthritis

18. Angina

19. Arrhythmia

20. COPD

21. Constipation

22. Depression

23. Diabetes Type I and II

24. Diabetes with Cardiovascular risk

25. Hypercholesterolemia

26. Hypertension

27. IBS 28.Influenza

29. Osteoporosis

30. Hirsutism

31. Hypothyroidism

32. Lipid Disorders

33. Health Promotion & Weight Loss

34. Women Health

35. Renal disorders

36. Headache

37. Rheumatoid arthritis

38. Stress

39. Gastritis

40. Chronic Low Back Pain

41. Psoriasis

42. Rosacea

43. Lupus

Sweet Hope Research Specialty, Inc. has the knowledge and experience you can trust for your next clinical trial.